Build Your Brand Mania
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Authority is the single most important thing you can do...
Positioning, most importantly position yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value in the market place.
"President of the Internet"
Establishing yourself as a celebrity...
"The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically — or rapidly and dramatically establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel..."
Founder of GKIC
As an entrepreneur myself it cannot be stressed enough...
"Matt Bertram’s Build Your Brand Mania has been an excellent tool for both my personal growth in Real Estate sales and also the training of my agents. As an entrepreneur myself it cannot be stressed enough the importance of treating and valuing yourself as a promotable brand. As we come into this world the most important thing we are given… is our name. I especially appreciate his mention of Aristotle’s appeals: logos, pathos and ethos. By implementing them you are on your way to building your own brand mania!"
JOHN CHRISS // Broker & Real Estate Manager
Engel & Volkers Domain Northside (Austin, TX)
Whether you have been in business 30 days or 30 years...
“Build Your Brand Mania is a must read for any business person who delivers services and wants to expand their online reach to connect with clients that need and value their services. I highly recommend reading this book whether you have been in business 30 days or 30 years.”
Manfred Sternberg // Attorney at Law
Manfred Sternberg & Assoc. PC
Authority is the single most important thing you can do...
"As a sales rep we are always trying to differentiate ourselves for our competition, and build a stronger relationship with prospects and clients. If you are looking for a way to build your brand, look no further! This book provides you the strategies needed in today's world to stand out!"
Britney Owen // Regional Sales Manager   
Global Chemical Distributor
How to create the perfect following...
"Build Your Brand Mania" is a wonderful book delivering on its title, how to create the perfect following and customer base through on-line mechanisms. Too often the business owner relies on word-of-mouth to grow a business, which works, however, it takes generations to grow. Matt does a great job at educating each area and then provides detailed step-by-step instructions how to implement the education."
Doug Winne, PMP, MG100 // Profit Strategist
Certified Million Dollar Coach
As an entrepreneur myself it cannot be stressed enough...
"Matt's approach to business has always impressed me! He seems to always know just what his clients need and how to get them to that next level. Yet again, he does it with this book! He takes the complicated process of SEO and makes it relatable for anyone that wants to grow their business online."
Debbie Papp, CPA // Owner
The Window Center
Unlock the Secrets to Success
Learn How To Transform Yourself into an Authoritative Brand
"Converting your expertise into a brand that your ideal customers know and trust is how small business owners are winning in today's new economy. 

         Reg. $29.95
Exprires on 7/31/2018
         Reg. $29.95
Exprires on 7/31/2018
This Book Is For You If:

Do Not Have Enough Money or Time to Accomplish the Things You Want to Do?

In a Crowded Market and Need More Sales To Grow?

Feel Like Life Puts Up One Barrier After Another to Stop Your Success?

Want to Utilize Your Potential in the Best Possible Way, for Yourself and for Others
Fastest Way To Grow A Business Today
Start Building Your Brand Mania 
Learn the psychology and strategy behind becoming a Topical Authority and creating a celebrity effect around you to increase demand generation for your products or services. 

Learn the secrets of inbound marketing and how to quickly implement them to grow your presence in your local market. 

This book will teach you step-by-step strategies to establish yourself as authority in your niche and generate inbound leads from prospects that want what you sell.
Ready To Acheive All You Want In Life? 
Still Not Convinced You Need This Book
Who is 
Matt Bertram?
Matt is a entrepreneur, trainer, local keynote speaker, and consultant in digital marketing and social selling. 

He is currently the Co-Host of the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and is COO at eWebResults, a top internet marketing agency since 1999.

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I know there are some people out there that offer you something of value "at a low cost", but then try to bill you monthly for some service that you do not want. 

This is not that kind of offer. I can promise you there are NO hidden fees - in case you're wondering why I'm doing this? 

Well, this book is the documented steps along my own journey into the jungle of internet marketing, and I feel that all the knowledge I gathered here is too valuable to just keep to myself. I know it can change lives because it has changed mine! 

I'm hoping it might do the same you, and you'll tell people about the book and what it did for you and maybe they will consider me if they ever need internet marketing in the future.
         Reg. $24.95